Family Owned Firm Since 1968

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) – Attorneys Ben and Elizabeth Daniel has quietly made it possible for hundreds of Memphis’ inner city youth to enjoy a worry-free summer of education and fun.

The Daniels say it’s all about giving back to the community for the success of their law firm.

Mayor A C Wharton was on hand as the Daniels presented the summer camp program, sponsored by Memphis Parks and Neighborhoods, with a donation to pay for this year’s activities at the Ed Rice Community Center. This marks the fifth year in a row the Daniels have contributed to a program, which began with 50 children.

This year’s summer camp had over 200 children.

“We looked for a way five to six years ago to give back to the people who’ve been so nice to us,” Ben Daniel said. “We looked at several options and there was nothing better than to help out kids that needed summer camp. You know, something to do, something to eat.”

“Putting them in a safe place and giving them something educational and allow parents to go to work and know that their kids are safe, it’s just sort of a win-win,” added Elizabeth Daniel.