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At 40 tons fully-loaded, a commercial truck is one of the largest and most destructive vehicles on the road. Even low-speed accidents with these highway behemoths can leave a person with permanent brain damage, missing limbs, or wrongful death. Holding truckers and carriers responsible for the damage they cause is one of the only ways for victims to move forward with any justice or financial responsibility.

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At Daniel Law Firm, our Memphis truck accident lawyers have spent decades holding carriers accountable and getting results for our clients. We’ve won cases in excess of $10 million and even more cases in excess of $1 million. Since 1968, our lean, highly-focused firm has helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives after a truck accident.

Our legacy of results include:

  • $11 million for a man forced off the road by a truck
  • $9 million for a man killed in a wreck in Arkansas
  • $5.6 million for a man who suffered brain damage in a truck crash
  • Several six-figure settlements for various 18-wheeler accidents

The Personalized Legal Advocacy You Need

As a firm with a small staff and a limited caseload, we have the ability to focus our resources and attention on each case we take. Some firms treat their clients like they’re playing a numbers game. Our firm doesn’t need volume to do our job. All we need is a case and an at-fault party. With our approach, we’ve won many millions of dollars for people just like you—people who needed help paying for medical care and who aren’t sure how they’re going to provide for themselves or their families.

Let Daniel Law Firm help you. Our team offers free consultations to help you get answers to your questions, discuss how we can help, and give you advice on the next steps to take. We offer same-day appointments either in-person or over the phone, so call us as soon as possible.

Dial (901) 525-5555 or use our short online form to reach our Memphis truck accident attorneys today. Clients don’t pay unless and until we win their case.

Recent Cases Of Interest:

  • Woman bitten by dog causing permanent scaring. Settled for $395,000.
  • Man rear-ended by vehicles drag-racing on Interstate. Settled for $250,000.
  • Woman killed in fourteen car wreck. Settled at mediation for $2,850,000.
  • Woman hit by UPS truck. Settled for $250,000.
  • Woman passenger in a vehicle in a wreck in Germantown, TN. Settled for $275,000.
  • Couple hit by driver in Carroll County, TN. Settled for $1,400,000.
  • Two construction workers killed while working on highway. Settled for $2,000,000.00.
  • Man struck while parked on side of Interstate. Settled for $1,700,000.
  • Motel sued for refusing to allow family of missing person inspect the room. Family member later found dead in the motel room. Confidential settlement – as seen on The Today Show.
  • Child died during routine medical testing. Settled for $700,000.
  • Child died in an accident at another person's home. Settled for policy limits of $100,000.
  • Pregnant mother slips and falls at a business in the parking lot. Settled for $600,000.
  • Teenager hit while crossing street and struck by vehicle. Settled for $200,000.
  • Man killed in wreck with 18-wheeler in Arkansas. Settled for $9,000,000.
  • Man shot in club parking lot. Settled for confidential amount.
  • Man rear-ended at red light in Germantown. Suffers subdural hematoma. Settled for policy limits of $375,000.
  • Man rear-ended on interstate 240. Settled at mediation for $75,000.
  • Husband and wife injured when another driver ran the red light and struck their vehicle, knocking it up on the sidewalk. Settled at mediation for $81,800.
  • Woman injured in car wreck — Daniel Law Firm wins jury verdict of $2,500,000

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