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Here at the Daniel Law Firm, we’ve helped countless motor vehicle accident victims with their cases. Those cases involving a negligent party, specifically a person who was intoxicated at the scene of the incident, can be difficult and emotional. We’ve provided four tips below on how to best handle these types of scenarios. Before continuing on to the tips below, it is imperative that we urge you to contact our personal injury law firm if you have been in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Tip #1 Identify if the Driver is Under the Influence

Following an accident, your safety is the first and most important thing. Make sure you dial 911 to have the proper authorities notified and to dispatch medical help right away. After you’ve called 911, you can then assess the scene and the damage only if it is safe for you to do so. To ensure your safety, you can try to identify if you believe the at-fault party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If it does appear that they may be intoxicated, we recommend that you do not approach the individual.

Tip #2: Exercise Caution

After an accident with a driver under the influence, you should adopt the policy of caution when dealing with him or her. As mentioned previously, do not approach the individual if you suspect they may be under the influence. Instead, wait for the police (and medical personnel, if necessary) to arrive at the scene. In addition, don’t attempt a heroic feat if they decide to flee the scene. If you feel afraid of the other driver, keep the first responders on the phone until help arrives.

Tip #3: Inform the First Responders

If you have not already informed the 911 dispatcher that you believe the other driver is under the influence, immediately notify the police upon their arrival. A police officer may be required to approach the scene differently to ensure the safety of those involved in the accident and the emergency personnel.

Tip #4: Document Everything

The fourth step is arguably the most critical step after you’ve dialed 911. We recommend that you document everything at the scene of the accident. Take notes, photos or video evidence of:
  • The condition of the vehicles at the scene
  • License plates
  • The surrounding environment
  • Insurance documents
  • Eye-witness reports, including full names and phone numbers
  • You will need this documentation when you hire a Memphis personal injury attorney.
Daniel Law Firm can help you fight for fair compensation in a personal injury case. If you were injured because of a drunk driver’s negligence, you may even be allowed to file a lawsuit against the establishment that served the alcohol. We’ll fight on your behalf, so you can focus on your recovery. Our experienced Memphis personal injury attorneys have many years of experience fighting against negligence to bring justice to our clients. Trust your case to our team. Call (901) 525-5555 today to schedule your free case evaluation!